Micro Rings - Caramel (I-TIP) - Brown and blonde hair accessories


Gadiva Micro Rings - hair extensions products

For I-Tip Extensions

Hair Extensions Products - Micro Rings

Quantity: 1000pcs

Colour: Caramel

Size: A

Style your hair sitting at home and get the perfect look you always wanted. Whether you want more volume, highlights, or simply want to experiment with your brown and blonde hair hairtyle, you can do all this by wearing hair extensions.

The unique application system is one of the reasons this hair extension method is loved by our clients worldwide. No heat or glue is needed in order for you to attach the brown and blonde hair extensions to your natural hair.

We have a range of brown and blonde hair hair extensions: pre-bonded, weft, tape extensions, and clip in hair extensions in various shades and finishes for everyone.

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