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Hair Extensions Tape Melbourne

Are you planning on experimenting with a new hairstyle? You never know which look will suit you the most. Instead of getting a haircut, why not use tape in extensions? Try new hairstyles every day with your longer and thicker hair. The hair extension tape keeps the extensions in one place and prevents it from falling off.


The tape in hair extensions adds the desired thickness, length, and volume required to carry a unique look. These hair extensions consist of pre-taped wefts that can be attached at the top of your natural hair. The hair extension tape is 100% safe to wear and it works well with every hair type.

Want to shop for quality hair extension tape in Melbourne? Choose Blakk and get the best hair extensions and hair accessories. We bring a range of extension tapes and adhesives to help you achieve a rich and fuller look. These type of hair extensions give the perfect length of hair you want without the hassle of getting a haircut or using chemical products.

Benefits of hair extension tape:

  1. Longevity: Tape in hair extensions lasts for a longer time period. They are directly taped into your hair and are made with strong adhesives. In case the tape is worn off, you can get a hair extension tape roll and replace the tape.
  2. Less maintenance: The extensions are easy to install and remove. You can get ready quickly in the morning; they require less maintenance as the tape is already in.
  3. Instant result: The hair extension tape keeps the extensions intact throughout the day.You can gain volume and length instantly.
  4. Variety: The tape is invisible and will help you try a variety of hairstyles such as braids and ponytails.
  5. Versatility: The tape makes the extensions easy to style and is concealed in your hair properly.

Hair extension tape adhesive

Wear your hair extensions while shopping, working out, and swimming with ease. The hair extension tape adhesiveis made from supreme quality adhesive material with high viscosity. It keeps the hair extension in place all day long.

Our hair extensions do not get damaged in contact with water and can be styled just like you style your natural hair. They save you a lot of time and maintenance. The hairpiece adhesive tape is applied only on one side of the hair extensions, this provides a stronger and secure hold.

The reason our tape hair extensions are very comfortable to wear is the versatile double-sided tape which is attached to your hair. You can use a bond removal solution to slide the tape down while removing the extensions. It is great for creating a natural look according to your hair type and the hairstyle you want to achieve.

Connect with our staff and get product recommendations. Our support team are highly trained and knowledgeable and will provide an optimum solution to your problem.

Browse our product page and shop for hair extensions today.

LUXURY Hair Extensions Balayage 


Please ensure colour selection is ALWAYS done from a Blakk colour swatch and not chosen from the picture. All monitors differ slightly and colour matching is key to create a natural finished look.

clip in hair extensions human hair

clip in hair extensions human hair are a temporary solution, ideal on a day to day basis and for special occasions. High quality human hair in is easy to use.

Quick and effortless to install and remove.

Clip-In are weft cut to a specific size to allow a more uniform hair distribution. 

Clip in Hair Extensions Online Australia

The way you dress says a lot about your personality and so does your hairstyle. It plays a prominent role in enhancing your appearance and boosts your confidence. What if you could get longer and thicker hair overnight?

Sounds impossible? Not really. You can make it happen by using quality hair extensions in Melbourne. Get dense and gorgeous hair in a short time and forget the hassle.

These clip in ponytail are simple and easy to wear. Wear your hair with full confidence and become the centre of attention. The tape in extensions provide flawless and thick hair in minutes.

Our staff at Blakk understand the unique hair requirements of our clients. We have over 5 years of experience in the industry, we offer a range of long-lasting clip in highest quality online. They just need to be clipped in your hair and do not cause any harm to your hairline.

We offer hair accessories in multiple different lengths, shades, and thickness depending on our customer’s specific requirements. Our clip in hair extensions systems blends naturally with your hair.

Explore a variety of clip in coloured tape hair extensions. You can choose from the colour shades available that are similar to your natural hair. No matter what your hair length, you will find the suitable extensions at Blakk.

Why choose clip in hair extensions Melbourne?

The clip in hair extensions consists of multiple wefts, they are available in different sizes. They are easy to remove and apply and you would not require any professional help.

We are proud to present our collection of quality clip in hair extensions. They have a soft texture and are safe to cut, colour, and style. They are natural-looking and comfortable to wear all day long.

The clip in hair extensions are designed for everyday wear, the clip is inserted on your head and provides full coverage. The extensions are suitable for every hairstyle and it comes with the clip in hair extensionsalready attached to the extensions so that you can transform your hair.

Clip in human hair extensions

Change your hairstyle and appearance based on the occasion or event. The clip-in human hair extensions come in a variety of hair shades, hair types, and lengths. Each piece is at least 15 cm wide with 3 clips and 20 inches long.

Our staff will help you choose your favourite extensions. It does not put any excess weight or pressure on your hair, you can remove it at any time.

The clip in hair extensions are one of the quickest and safest hair extensions as they do not require any adhesives or chemical products for installation to install.

Feel free to ask us anything about our product range. You can talk to our live chat executives or leave a message describing your requirements. Give us a call on +61434342674 today and get the best clip in hair extensions in Melbourne.


#T1B/8 LUXURY 5 PIECE CLIP INS - clip in hair extensions

Blakk hair extensions Balayage  Create Volume, Length and Thickness

100% Reusable Human Hair

No Damage to your Natural Hair

Using our luxurious Blakk clip in hair extensions 100% human, remy hair from Brazil, it is a perfect temporary hair extensions Balayage. It can be simply applied and removed for any special occasion or every day wear. Available in multiple sizes with a choice of 10 popular colour choices including a multi-tonal blonde. All Blakk hair extensions Balayage come beautifully packaged in a Blakk drawer retail box for easy storage. 

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